New Admission



  1. Transfer Certificate (TC)/ Migration Certificate is necessary for admission time.  Without T.C. or Migration Certificate, no admission will be allowed. Parent have to submit an affidavit stating
  • That they do not have any misunderstanding in their family life.
  • That they will attend all the meetings (Parent/Teacher meetings) time to time.
  • That they will pay the hostel and school fee and any other fee time to time.
  • That they will have no objection if their child name is struck off due to mischief or non-payment of school / hostel fee.
  • They will follow all the rules and regulation of the hostel and school.
  • That they will not misbehave with any authority of hostel an school failing which the name of their child will be struck off from the school and child be sent back home.
  • That income certificate is true and issued by _______.
  • That (Name of child) _________________ is our biological child.
  1. Parent / Guardian name to provide one guarantor and guarantor have to submit an affidavit stating.
  • That incase of Parent / Guardian decline to pay Hostel / School fee. He / she will make the payment of school fee and hostel fee.
  • That he / she will be responsible for the child incase parent / guardian abscond or fails to shoulder responsibility of the child.
  • Parent (Both mother and father) have to come in person for admission with valid marriage certificate or document which prove that they are married.
  • Single parent children will not be admitted.

3.         Students from Aligarh will not be admitted in Hostel.

This function has been disabled for ingraham institute aligarh.