About Us

The Ingraham Institute hostel is situated in the heart of the City Aligarh. It is one of the oldest hostel in this region under the banner of the Ingraham Institute, Aligarh which was started in 1967 and since than it has grown from strength to strength with the hard work put in by its dedicated staff members. The boys hostel provide boarding and lodging facilities for boys students.

The activities of the boys hostel is managed by the Director, Superintendent, who are assisted by hostel warden and the hostel staff members. The students take part in games and extra co-curricula activities. We have a regular program to strengthen the Christian nurture and spiritual enrichment of staff and students both in the school and hostel. Special coaching by subject teachers is a part of daily activity of the students.

MBBS doctor visit hostel every evening and treats students if they require medical assistance. In case of serious illness students are referred to private nursing home which is on panel of the Institute.

This function has been disabled for ingraham institute aligarh.