Examination and Assessment

The progress of students in their studies is evaluated continuously through assignments, class tests and Term Examinations. If the students Fails in the class for two consecutive years his/her name shall be struck off from the school register.

The session shall be divided into two terms.
First Term : April to October
Second Term : November to March

Each term shall have examination of 90 marks. 40% marks (in both term exams) are required to pass in each subject. All unit test will be of 10 marks each and average will be added to term examinations of 80 marks, making it of 100 marks. Promotion to the next class shall be on the entire year’s performance. Medical leave during examinations shall be granted only if supported with valid Medical certificate issued by MBBS Doctor  instead of absent by submitting medical certificate absence will be converted to leave . Submitting of medical certificate doesnt exempt any student from any term exam / unit test .

Classes IX and XI students have to attain / score 50% marks as an average in term examinations for the promotion to class X and XII. Final examination shall be conducted from the whole syllabus.




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