Rules of Conduct

1.Girls with short hair should wear hair bands and those with shoulder length hair should make pony with elastic band and girls have long hair should plait their hair with an elastic band.

2.Finger nails must be short and kept clean.

3.Students must reach  school  at least fifteen minutes before the school bell rings.

4.Bringing of Cell phones to school is strictly prohibited, if found carrying or using it within the school premises cell phone will be seized by the school administration.

5.The length of hair of boys should not be more than one inch. Low waist pants are also not permitted. Pant bottom should be 17 inches.

6.It is compulsory for all students to come in proper school uniform, failing which fine of Rs.5/- per day would be applicable and if the student still does not come to school in proper uniform he/she will not be allowed to attend classes.

7.Since it is a co-educational school, it is expected from the student to observe a high standard of character . Use of vulgar and filthy language is punishable offence, shouting and whistling is not allowed in the school building and even in school premises.

8.Firing crackers, splashing color, defacing and damaging school building and property, bringing of sharp instruments to school are punishable offence and it could result in suspension or expulsion of the student from the school.

9.Misconduct:- General undertaking conditions apply.

      A)  If any student is found involved/guilty in any of the following mischief/misconduct i.e fighting in or outside the school premises/indiscipline/disobedience/abusing/non-payment of school fee/misbehavior/breaking or destroying of school property, smoking of cigarette, or consume or possessing drugs/consumption of alcoholic drinks/not completing school work and home work/bunking of classes during school hours in or outside school premises, the school management through its Principal/Director will be authorized to take disciplinary action (that could be rustication from school with immediate effect) against the student.

      B)  If any student is unable to clear his/her pre-board exams. Or his/her attendance falls shorts of 75% or is found involved in any of the misconduct or in any of the category mentioned in the General Undertaking will not be entitled to appear in the final board examinations.

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