Rules and Discipline

1. School terms will commence from 1st July to 30th June every year.

2. Children should reach the school five minutes before the school bell goes. Students who come Late will be sent back and considered absent from school.

3. If a student or his/her parents misbehave with any of the school official / teacher then the student is liable to be suspended from the school. No argument will be entertained.

4. If the child wit fully spoils or damages school property, the damage will have to be met by the parents. The decision of the principal in such cases will be final

5.Any change in address must be intimated to the school office without delay.

6.Once a pupil comes to school, he /she will not be allowed to go home in between.

7.School authorities will not be held responsible if any student is injured during recent break however we are morally bound to provide medical first–aid.

8.School authorities will not be held responsible for any kind of vehicle theft from the school campus. Don’t leave any vehicle. Without a lock .

9.Students will not wear ornaments /valuable in school. School authorities will not be held responsible for their loss or damage.

10.The children should bring their lunch boxes themselves in the morning . Late lunch will not be accepted without permission.

11.Pupils and parents are advised to ensure that at least two readings are given whatever work has been done in the class that day even if home work is not given of it.

12.Parents are advised to allow the children to watch only educational programmers on T.V. The habitual watching of movies and filmy songs should be discouraged.

13. Monthly fees must be paid before the 15th of every month. Late fees Rs 1/. Per day will be charged up to 30th/31st of every month. If a student fails to pay the fees on time, his/her name will be struck of automatically and he/she will have to pay re–admission fees.

14.Students are required to attend class regularly. Student must have a minimum of 75% attendance to qualify for appearing in the examination. In case of absence, students are required to submit an application duly signed by parents/ guardians.

15.Students are not permitted to meet visitors during school hours.


The above rules are only guideline and are subject to change at the discretion of the authorities.

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