Thieves of time

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Who these are? These are your friends and acquaintances, in essence, cute people who, however, are ready, however, to sit for an empty chatter for 6-8 hours, stealing your time. That is, these people come to you and do not leave.

“Hundreds of miles are a deserted, monotonous, burnt steppe cannot catch up with such despondency as one person, when he sits, says, and it is not known when he leaves”.

In addition to many negative qualities, I have several positive. For example, I know when to leave guests. The skill is quite simple, but I am very proud of it. When it seems to me that the time has come to leave, I begin to get together and announce aloud: “Well, that’s it, I have to go”. Often, the hosts do not allow them to leave intensively, and this means that it is really worth it in ten minutes.

And if the owners do not hold, then the time to say goodbye was chosen correctly. I can not stand up and better leave earlier than later. I am proud of this quality also because it, apparently, is rare. Judging by what or to whom, you ask. Yes, at least for some of my friends.

I am lying with the flu, temperature, cast -iron head. A friend comes to visit, brings a bottle of rum. Sits down at the table. He asks:

– No, what, I will not, of course.

-Ahhh,-holds out sympathetically. – Then I’m alone.

And sits, drinks Rom, speaks about something incessantly. Due to the temperature, my consciousness is periodically disconnected, but my friend’s interlocutor is not so needed, which means that my participation in the conversation is not required. More than anything, I want to fall asleep – and so that it leaves. But she sits good for four hours and only then

says: “Well, I will probably go”.

And this is just one example. Other friends could come to visit during the day, we chatted, then there was a break between electric trains, then it was time to have dinner, then something else. In the end, they left late in the evening. Other friends came to drink a coffee, but instead of saying goodbye after a couple of hours, they waited for an hour of peak and car traffic jams to get home faster, and eventually took five hours of my time.

We had a categorically different understanding of the value of time and categorically different plans for the day. As a result, my plans flew to Tartarar. What was to do with them, with unreasonable friends?

Here I should come to me, about whom I already know that she is a thief of time. Uh, I think I just won’t give. We sat an hour, then I tell her: “Listen, I need to go for a walk with the dogs”. Of course, I do not need, but I reason like this: we will go out into the street, and she will go home by inertia.

But it was not there. Okay, she says, let’s go. We walked a little with dogs, and then she returned to me. And here it dawned on me that I can no longer allow me to steal my time. Let me not do anything such grandiose for these hours, but it is better for me to decide what to spend them on. Roughly tell a friend, even annoying: “You have to!”, I can’t. I had to find a tactful but effective tool.

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