Alexander Zhulin: “I am ready to fight for my feelings”

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His Olympic silver was a significant point in a sports career and the beginning of a calm coaching life in a quiet New Jersey. Who could have assumed that 12 years later he would fall out again to survive the intensity of competition and great success in his homeland? A meeting with a person who knows the price of victory and defeat and above other achievements puts his family happiness.

This photo shoot ended very much. Outbreaks of the camera alternated with outbreaks of friendly laughter: Alexander Zhulin posed artistically and funny, parodizing the characters of fashion magazines. A charming school hooligan woke up in a solid man for a moment – what was quite unexpected. We knew him with a lyrical partner of the beauty of Maya Prose in dancing on ice. Then-the impenetrable and strong-willed coach of the Olympic champions Tatyana Navka and Roman Kostomarov. The television show “Stars on Ice” opened the new Alexander Zhulin – a characteristic artist and a stylish man who conquered the female audience with his restraint, sensual gaze and inner strength. With her undisguised love for his wife Tatyana Navka, who turned out to be a rival on the ice. And a reverent attitude to the partner ingeborg Dapkunayite. The talent of the choreographer and leader. Reliable, self -confident, elegant – is it not an ideal object for female fantasies? Alexander came to our studio after a daily morning training-with a bag on wheels and a polite-white expression on his face. He is already used to giving an interview, and he is a little boring, sometimes unpleasant: “The questions are the same: you are with Maya, you and Tatyana, a divorce-love-gear. “These topics again and again lead him to the past, which is not always comfortable to return to … Alexander speaks slowly, not looking into his eyes and not trying to impress – as if he was telling himself his life again.

Psychologies: After 12 years of measured life in America, you came to Russia and immediately were in the spotlight. Did you like it?

Alexander Zhulin: Honestly, I like. I don’t know if for a long time? You are right, I seemed to fly to another planet and got into the epicenter of all events. Now I’m waiting for such cash, when I can devote time to myself: do fitness, play football or tennis. Then everything will be completely harmonious.

There was more free time in America?

A. AND.: Yes, but there I really lacked communication, cultural environment. I worked, studied a lot and philosophized.

What lifestyle you like?

A. AND.: Something average. New Jersey is a unique place: only 20 minutes from New York, we have a large house, lawns, silence. Now, if there was Moscow in the place of New York … I would be happy. I got impressions – and in a quiet harbor.

You are not bored alone with you?

A. AND.: No, on the contrary, very easy. I had a period in my life – when I was already divorced, but not yet married. And for about six months lived alone. Even went to restaurants alone. At first it buried, but then I got used to it. Sometimes it is useful to be alone.

You have always been associated with your life companions, common goals, interests. What are the advantages of such relationships?

A. AND.: There is always something to talk about, and it’s easier to understand each other, because your partner does not need to explain how much you work and how much you get tired. But I have no experience of other relationships – maybe there are even more advantages there?

And pitfalls?

A. AND.: They are too. When you spend all the time together, you can get tired of each other. But I will say frankly: Tatyana and I have been together for almost 12 years, and during all this time we have not had conflict situations – no general. Apparently, when there is true love, the rest is no longer important. You just don’t notice pitfalls or smooth out conflicts yourself, that’s all.

The theme of the “dossier” of this number is “love and remain free”. It’s about your family?

A. AND.: Absolutely. But this is not that freedom when one of us can say: “I will not come home to spend the night today, I have a lot of work”. Or: “Do what you want, the main thing is that I do not know anything (a)”. If Tatyana goes to some event or begins a new project, I trust her and give complete freedom. Like her to me. At the same time, we always call ourselves once again, tell each other how we spent the day.

Family is the obligations assigned to themselves of their own free will?

A. AND.: Undoubtedly. At some point, I decided for myself: if you love a person and want to stay with him for life, you have to fight for this love every day.

We need to wake up every morning and like the one with whom you live. And for this it is necessary to engage in yourself: to be in shape, care for your face, do procedures. And if my wife will lure me sexy every day, like a woman, and, for my part, I will do the same for her, then you can save a happy marriage for many, long years.

This is a serious job!

A. AND.: Yes, but she and I are pleasure.

Your couple is always in sight. It interferes?

A. AND.: No. I am very calm about PR and fame. I am well aware of who I am and what is my place in this life. And I will never say that the world rotates around me.

This attitude to success came with age?

A. AND.: Real Glory came to me at 30, at the 1994 Olympic Games, when I was already a enough mature person. Even then I did not have a star disease. Although I will say honestly: that victory was very significant for me. And now, 13 years later, when my students became Olympic champions, and the show with our participation is so popular in the country, I am much more calm. I stand firmly on my feet and I know for sure that for me the most valuable in life. This is my family, a child and a favorite thing I do. Even if I were offered a million dollars for uninteresting work, I would not do it.

However, at one time you regarded your silver Olympic medal as a defeat.

A. AND.: At the first moment there really was a feeling of failure. After all, we were the leaders of the season, a bet was on us, we had to win. Probably, in some ways we made a mistake. But I never blame anyone for defeat – only myself. Then, in 1994, I had a real depression. I couldn’t talk for two days at all, it seemed to me that the whole world turned over. And then he thought: “And so, now all my life to remember this silver? How many people would give for this medal all! And we beat the strongest couples of the world – this is happiness!”And with such thoughts I became calmer to live. I realized that sport is only one chapter in my life. You wrote this chapter? Now go further. But then, when I trained Tatyana and Roman, I already clearly knew what was needed for a complete victory.

Since then you have not known the defeats?

A. AND.: There were defeats. But Tanya and I are looking for positive in any situation. We lost – excellent. It is necessary to draw the right conclusions and another time to prevent mistakes. And if you won, we must not forget that a new goal is ahead – and move on.

We are talking about sports. And in life what you perceive as a defeat?

A. AND.: If there was some kind of life drama and you surrendered-washed down, sank, became fat and evil-this, probably, will be a defeat.

You are familiar with this?

A. AND.: I can go into depression: wallow on the bed, stupidly watch TV and do not want to. But it lasts two days, no more. While I can pull myself together and get out of this state with honor. I think that it will continue.

Where does this skill come from?

A. AND.: I don’t know … It always seemed to me that a person should fight to the end with his problems. I had a case in my life. We went out to ride with Maya Prose in Vilnius. It was the moment of the formation of our couple. Before us were Besemyanova and Bukin, the idols of the public, the Olympic champions – all grades 6.0, the hall is standing, all the ice is littered with flowers. And after them we go out, 20-year-old pods, and tremble, like two aspen leaves. And I always dreamed of being only the first. And then I thought: why go out onto the ice? How these people can be beaten? It was a tragedy! We somehow skated, took our 5th place. And only then, over time, when we still began to beat the champions, I realized that we never need to give up. You can always come up with some kind of move-new, unexpected. There is a solution in any situation. Sometimes it seems that you will never do this … You live, for example, in the city of the Queen, you huddle in some kind of communal apartment ..

You say to yourself?

A. AND.: Yes … and, driving along some central street of Moscow, you look around and think: “And here people live! They live beautifully, they have apartments, cars … ”Similar was from the field of prohibitive fantasies. And now you live in the center and drive a good car – and nothing, normal. The fairy tale has turned into a reality. Moreover, I never set me such tasks – at all costs to buy a cottage, a car … everything turned out as if by itself … It’s just that your work should be done well and enjoy it from it. The rest is being raised.

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