Guidelines for Parents related to Vacations/Holidays


  1. Proper arrangement to be made by parents for calling their wards (students) on any holiday / vacation. Parent should send request E-mail at [email protected] OR [email protected] for leave of his child. No transport facility will be provided by the School / Hostel in this regard.
  2. Students should reach the hostel latest by 5 p.m. on the schedule date after his return from vacation.
    -Fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged per day for the late comers.
    -Violation of this rule for second time by the student will detain him from admission to hostel.
  3. Parents should comply strictly holiday information as given by the School/Hostel Authority at proper date.
    – Follow the date given by the School/hostel Authority not by the student.
  4.  Parents can inspect the hostel room allotted for the student at the admission time only.
    -No visit of parents will be allowed second time.


  1. X-mas, Dussherra & Summer Vacations. School/Hostel will remain closed. Parents should take their wards to their homes.
    -If not taken, student will be turned out from the hostel.
  2. During working days student will not be allowed to leave the hostel premises.